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Airbnb Management Berkeley County

There is a major secret for the most successful Airbnb owners. Airbnb management in Berkeley county is no different than running a single room or small hotel. You need the help to create the perfect experience and Family Owned Property Management can help.

What is it like to manage an AirBnb property?

Hospitality is more difficult than it seems. Nearly 25 percent of properties in Los Angeles were in violation of the law in 2022. Even without regulations, you need to keep guests happy.

Managing a property requires:

  • Maintaining an extremely clean rental

  • Handling repairs quickly

  • Keeping up with trends to gain the most from every room or bungalow

  • Adherence to sales and property tax laws

Failing to account for the human, legal, and structural elements that go into every experience inevitably results in negative reviews and lost income. You simply cannot pawn off your role as a host. Guests who are more likely to recommend spend 140 percent more than their counterparts.

Finding Help Managing Your AirBnb Property

Property management alone has a major impact on guest experience. At a regular hotel charging just as much as your property, a dirty and unclean room, outdated look, poor landscaping, and the smell of smoke can reduce likelihood to recommend by as much as 40%.

Property managers can help keep your rental in top shape. We may not perform construction, housekeeping, or renovate but property managers play a vital role in hospitality. We fix broken appliances, clogged drains, and keep everything fresh.

When to Hire a Property Manager

Property managers are perfect for almost anyone. Whether you live thousands of miles away or onsite, a professional eye makes an impact. Our professionals understand what makes your property sell without overspending on every aspect of the hospitality experience.

We are particularly helpful for absentee owners. You may not have the capability to visit a property daily or even to perform basic turnover tasks. That translates into lost revenue that you can only make up with help.

Even if you are not an absentee owner we can help. Our experts offer around the clock repair services. If we cannot fix something, we know how to get the work done. Even better, our company helps with rental advertising.

Cost to Hire a Property Manager

It may seem costly to have so much help. In reality, property managers cost a small portion of your revenue. The industry standard ranges between eight and ten percent of revenue. Housekeeping costs usually add an additional $65 to each stay.

If you rent a property for $200, you can expect to spend approximately $20 on property management and $65 for housekeeping, or $85. With sales tax, insurance, and utilities, your net is roughly $100, a 100% markup. These costs vary depending on your property.

Airbnb Management Berkeley County

Property managers play a vital role in keeping your property in shape and your revenue high. AirBnb management in Berkeley County will keep you in the game. The better managed your property, the more you can charge.

Get in touch with Family Owned Property Management today to figure out how to make the most from your property with an Airbnb property manager.

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