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Early Termination

As a family, we understand life happens...

In the event life takes you elsewhere we have added a buyout clause in all our leases.

This helps you protect your budget and your credit. So long as all requirements are met, you will not be liable for the full term of the lease. 

All we require is that you take the following simple steps:

  • Provide 30 day written notice of intention to vacate and terminate lease prior to expiration.

  • Pay rent through the end of the notice period. In the event you vacate prior to 30 days you will also be required to keep utilities on in your name. 

  • Pay a break lease fee equal to one month's rent AND ensure the property is presentable and show ready for all requested showings so that we can secure a new qualified tenant. 

  • Pay for any damage in excess of Security Deposit if applicable

  • Comply with our Move out Addendum

Once we receive notice, we immediately list the property.

In order for us offer this buyout clause it is imperative that we have your cooperation. As a show of good faith we ask that you waive your right to a law mandated 24-hr notice. This doesn't mean we'll just show up on your doorstep. All we ask is that you make all efforts to allow us showings when requested on short notice by keeping the home show ready. We will still reach out to you at every request. We will make every effort to schedule each showing and notify you a minimum of 24 hours in advance. You will be asked for approval of any showing that has been requested within the 24 hour period. 

Move Out Addendum

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