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Property Management FAQs

property management faqs

Are you licensed?

Yes, our owner is a licensed property manager with over a decade of property management experience. She started in property management while handling a large investor portfolio and grew to love it enough to open Family Owned Property Management.


She is also a licensed/practicing attorney with extensive knowledge and experience in landlord/tenant and contractual law.

What type of properties do you manage?

We manage primarily residential properties both single family and multi family units of up to 100 units. Additionally, we handle commercial management for those clients looking to keep their entire portfolio in the same management.

Does you company actively invest in the market?
Yes, we do invest in rentals and flip homes in the Tri-County area. We know what it is to be an owner.

What is your owner retention rate?
The majority of our clients stay with us unless they leave their family home due to job relocation and have to come back.

If I decide to hire you, what is your turn around time to begin management?
This all depends on your schedule. Typically we have a home visit, management agreement signed and rent ready property listed in 7-10 days.

What is your occupancy rate?
Our typical occupancy rate is above 95%. Often times we have a waitlist for hot market properties.

How do you market your properties?
We use many major listing online services. We have a Premier Membership with Zillow so that all our listings are showing as verified. We use our website and social media accounts as well as word of mouth thought the neighborhood.

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