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Move Out Procedures

Wishing you the best in your future endeavors!

Move Out Procedures

It is very important that each tenant follows our move out procedures to ensure future tenants a timely move in and security deposit refunds are processed timely. Please review all the following policies and follow our directions to ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved. Failure to comply with all our directions may result in a delay or deduction of your security deposit refund so long as you’ve vacated the property providing us proper notice and followed all procedures the refund of your security deposit depends solely on you.

Notice to Vacate

We will reach out to you approximately 60-90 days prior to your lease termination with renewal options(when available). You will have 10 days to reply with your chosen option or an intent to vacate the property. If we do not hear from you within those 10 days you are assumed to have provided us with your notice to vacate at the end of your lease term. This means that we will list the property and begin showings 30 days prior to your lease term expiration date.

Early Termination

We understand that life happens and sometimes  it becomes unfeasible to meet contractual obligations. Under those circumstances we offer early lease termination. Please see our policies for early termination.

Security Deposit

While it is our goal to refund every security deposit in full we need your help to accomplish that. We strive to return your deposit as quickly as possible(well within our legal 30 day limit). So long as you've vacated the property and followed all directions you deposit refunds depends solely on you.

Inspections and Keys

Move out inspections must be scheduled during normal business hours M-T 9-5 and Friday 9-12. Keys may be delivered to the drop box at our offices anytime 24/7 but must be returned no later than 6pm the day your lease terminates. Once keys have been received you will have no more opportunity to re-enter the property for any repairs or cleaning so please ensure you have fully vacated(removed all your belongings and trash and made all necessary repairs prior to returning the keys). In the event your lease terminates on a weekend and you wish to be present for a move out inspection you must vacate and schedule the inspection prior to the preceding Friday. You will be considered a "holdover" tenant and charged a daily rate of $75/day for any days past your lease term until ALL keys are returned or you have notified the office that you have lost any keys. 


You are responsible for utilities until the final day of your lease term. Please do not shut off electric,  gas, water, or sewer prior to the final day of your lease term regardless of when you physically move out. Utilities are placed on auto revert for the final day of your term. Therefore, if you disconnect early the property will not have utilities which poses a hazard to properties in the south due to humidity. With that in mind you are required to maintain reasonable air temperatures in the property even if you vacate early. 

Auto Draft Rent Payments

Although it is our intent that no rent is charged to your account past your move out date we have no control over the auto draft that you have setup on your portal. You will need to go in and cancel your auto-draft after your final month's rent is paid. We cannot stop payment or return any payments until they have cleared the bank which can take up to 10 days, at which point you will receive a refund via check.


Most small nail/pin holes are a result of normal wear and tear. This may cause more issues such as having to repaint an entire room or the house. This may cause more issues such as having to repair entire rooms or the house. Please contact us if you feel that any holes or damage might need to get fixed so we can help you coordinate those repairs to ensure you don't have to pay twice. Additionally, all repairs must be done prior to your move out and key return. If you'd like to schedule a pre-move out inspection 2-3 days in advance you may do so for a fee of $45. This will give you time to make any necessary repairs without incurring damages to your deposit. You must have ALL your belongings and trash out of the property to schedule a pre-move out inspection.


It is your responsibility to have the home cleaned in a professional grade prior to vacating the property. Due to our typically limited time between tenants we are charged significantly higher rates for cleanings that have not been previously scheduled. If you need a professional cleaner we will be glad to pre-schedule that at a reduced rate once your belongings have been removed. Using our cleaning services at a discounted rate ensures you won't get charged for cleaning out of the security deposit. 


You must have the carpets professionally cleaned. We recommend using our pre-approved vendors for carpet cleaning to guarantee you will not be charged for additional cleaning. Please contact us for a list of preferred vendors.


We have provided with your lease and on our website a check list for move out. This list is not all inclusive but does touch on many items most commonly overlooked.

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