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What Is a Move-in Ready Home?

Moving takes a lot of work, so it makes sense that most people prefer a move-in ready home. Whether you are buying a new home or moving into a rental, what does it mean to have a move-in ready property?

The goal is to reduce the repairs and maintenance work that might be necessary after you move in. But the definition of move-in ready varies depending on whom you are talking to.

Technical Definition of Move-in Ready

In order for a seller to advertise a home as move-in ready, it means that the property must meet all local municipal codes. It needs to be livable as-is, without needing any major renovations or repairs. The property must be structurally safe and sound.

Sometimes, move-in homes are known as “turnkey homes” because you can turn the key and it’s ready to be inhabited.

Cosmetic vs. Structural Issues

Just because a home has a fresh coat of paint and a newly renovated kitchen doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed a move-in-ready experience. For example, that paint might be covering up structural damage that needs to be repaired before bigger issues start occurring.

As you are getting ready to move in, it’s wise to have a thorough inspection to identify these issues that might require work or repair.

Outdated and Renovations in the Future

Even if a home is outdated, some people consider it ready for move-in since it’s clean and functional. For example, you might adjust your definition of move-in ready depending on the neighborhood where you plan to buy.

If you are buying a new construction home, then it makes sense that everything should be perfect and brand-new. On the other hand, if you are buying in a pricey neighborhood, an outdated home might better fit your budget. If it’s not feasible to make home renovations right when you move in, you can live in the dated house and save up your money so you can start the renovations in the future.

Remember that a property doesn’t have to be your “dream home” before you move in. Make sure all of the safety and functional issues are taken care of because you can always change aesthetics in the future.

Written by Becki Andus in partnership with silverware retailer Silver Superstore.

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