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What Type of Gate Does My Fence Need?

Have you always wanted the “American dream” with a home that has a white picket fence? Whether you are looking for this quintessential design style or want to install a different type of fence, it’s an excellent way to make a statement and upgrade the curb appeal of your home.

Not only do you need to choose the materials and colors for your fence installation, but it’s also important to consider other functional features, such as the gate and access. Consider how the gate will be used and where it is being installed to choose the ideal gate style for your unique needs.

Standard Gate

Most of the time, fences are built with standard gates, meaning the gate has the same look and feel as the fence. These features are common for standard gates:

  • Materials: The gate material matches the fence material. If you have a privacy fence, the same wood or vinyl materials are used for the gate.

  • Height: Typically, the gate is aligned with the fence height.

  • Bracing: Diagonal bracing is beneficial to prevent the gate from warping or sagging. For example, a piece of lumber or a turnbuckle device is installed on the inside of the gate.

Specialty Gates

There are many other gate designs if you prefer specialty features. For example, you can choose between single- or double-door gates. Consider any of these features if you are planning to install a specialty gate:

  • Swing Gates: This design has a hinged gate that usually swings outward. You can choose from a single gate or a double design with two swinging gates that open to either side.

  • Rolling Gates: A gate that rolls open to the side is another possibility. The rollers either sit on a track embedded in the driveway, or there is a free-floating system with the rollers at the top of the gate.

  • Automated Gates: If you will have a gate, then automation is essential to minimize hassle every time you are coming or going. Automation allows the gate to open using a motion sensor (from the inside), or you can press a remote button to activate the gate to open.

Additionally, other types of gates have unique applications. For example, you can choose from different types of pool gates, pet gates, and more. The possibilities are endless and you can customize a gate design to match your unique needs.

Written by Becki Andrus

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