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Professional Property Manager Summerville

Hire a professional property manager in Summerville when you need an affordable way to outsource your rental to a local agency. Family Owned Property Management is rated among the best property management companies in the community, providing a wide range of services that will ensure your rental is profitable and protected against damage and regulation violations. Trust our team for all property management services needed to keep your tenants happy each month. To speak with a property management agent from FOPM, call 843-419-6021.

Top Tips For Choosing A Reliable, Professional Property Manager

  1. Look for an agency that can provide a broad range of property management services; you won’t be responsible for rent collections, repairs, or any other aspects of managing your rental when you choose FOPM. Family Owned Property Management will handle every detail of your rental, improving profitability and reducing stress.

  2. Check reviews, credentials, and references before hiring a professional property manager in Summerville. If you have questions for FOPM, speak with a property management agent from our company who can provide comprehensive answers and insight into how we can help take care of your rental for you. We are rated among the best property managers in the area for customer care.

  3. Read every word in your property management agreement before you sign the paperwork. Make sure that the contract is beneficial to you while protecting you from lawsuits and fees incurred from evictions, regulation violations, and property damage. Be sure to find out about any owner responsibilities and discuss any tasks you want to avoid with your rental property management agency before agreeing to the terms stated.

  4. Inquire about tenant screening and eviction policies to ensure you aren’t stuck with a bad tenant. At Family Owned Property Management, we strive to find our clients respectful and reliable tenants who are thoroughly vetted. Our agency handles all rent collections, as well, so you never have to interact with tenants in order to get paid.

  5. Make sure you feel comfortable with the professional property manager in Summerville you want to hire and that you’re made to feel like a valuable client- not just a number. Specifically, look for a property management agency that has a small number of properties under their management and a large enough staff to maintain their properties.

  6. The best way to get a property management company to reveal their experience and expertise is to ask a lot of questions. Inquire about the agency’s methods for determining rent, how they’ll advertise your property and their process for tenant selection.

You naturally have many questions for our professional property manager in Summerville; feel free to get in touch with an agent from Family Owned Property Management by calling our office at 843-419-6021. Follow us on social media to stay connected to our agency.

You don’t have to feel alone, overwhelmed, or stressed when renting out your property; our team from FOPM can take on all of the duties of managing your property for you and give you more time to enjoy the rewards of your rental.

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