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Property Manager Dorchester County

Outsource your rental home to a reliable property manager in Dorchester County who can turn your rental into a more profitable venture. Family Owned Property Management has terrific credentials and provides a broad range of property management services to meet all your needs. We believe the best property management companies guarantee quality tenants and offer affordable services. Call our office to discuss your rental with a property management agent who can answer your questions and provide insight into how we can help with tenant screening, rent collections, maintenance, and more.

The Pros And Cons Of Utilizing A Property Manager

There are numerous advantages to having a property management company working for you, but not many disadvantages. One of the biggest perks of hiring a property manager in Dorchester County is that you’ll have more free time as a result of designating some or all of the management tasks to a specialist. Additional benefits include:

  • A property manager will make sure your property is always rent-ready. If you’re between tenants, the best property managers from our agency will have your rental thoroughly cleaned and check for any repairs needed or maintenance due. If appliances are old or need upgrading, your property manager will handle all of the details.

  • You won’t have to deal with advertising or marketing for your rental since it’s included in the fees you pay your property manager in Dorchester County. Increased exposure will ensure your property is always rented.

  • Only qualified applicants will meet your property managers’ expectations. Tips used by property managers include making sure the applicant makes over three times the amount of rent and checking to see if the applicant has a history of evictions.

  • Maintenance and repair requests handled by a professional will mean you won’t have to respond to calls throughout the day and night. Some property managers make preventive maintenance inspections mandatory to avoid smaller issues turning into bigger, more costly situations.

  • Confrontations with tenants can be stressful; with rental property management working for you, issues like rent collections and property damage can be resolved with no stress on your part. In cases where confrontational circumstances arise, you can avoid a landlord/tenant argument that could escalate.

As stated previously, there are a few downsides to hiring a property manager in Dorchester County. Property management agencies don’t work for free; you’ll have to pay someone to manage your rental but the rewards are great. Family Owned Property Management clients leave glowing testimonials and reviews for our services that save them time and increase profitability.

If you’ve been handling the duties of rental management on your own, you may have wondered if you would ever have another moment to yourself. The good news is, with FOPM managing your rental, you can escape the hassles of property management and break free from the monotonous day-in, day-out list of chores and responsibilities. Speak with our team from FOPM about managing your property when you call us at 843-419-6021.

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