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Tenant Policies

Quality and Affordability

In order to provide quality properties at an affordable price our property managers must ask you to follow the listed rules and regulations.



Every adult over the age of 18 that will be residing at the property for any period of time over 5 days is required to submit an application. For more details on our application process and requirements please click the button below. 


All applicants must submit to a credit, employment, background, reference, and eviction screening. 

Lease Terms

Our typical term is 12-24 months. However, depending on the property this may be negotiable. We also work with insurance providers for hazard impacted clients on short term basis. 

Renters Insurance

Every tenant is required to obtain and carry for the full term of the lease renter's insurance at a minimum liability limit of $100,000. Family Owned Property Management, LLC must be listed as additional insured on all policies.

Utilities and Pest Control

Every tenant is required to secure all utilities and show proof of such prior to receiving keys. Tenant is responsible for pest control and required to maintain it during the duration of their lease term.


Each of our properties are individually owned. Therefore, the pet policies vary per property depending on the owners preferences, insurance exclusions, and HOA restrictions. Most of our owners are pet friendly. ALL pets are required to have proof of vet visit to confirm proper vaccinations and care. ALL pets are required to carry additional liability insurance and proof of such is required. We reserve the right to cancel any authorization of a pet in any property if at any point there is damage or the pet becomes a danger or nuisance. ANY unauthorized pet whether a tenant's or guests' will incur a pet fee. In order to reduce deposits and overall costs and help pet owners we use Every applicant must setup an account with Properties that allow pets require a $275/pet administration fee and monthly pet rent of $25. 


PetScreening is required and very beneficial to pet owners. It is a secure and and simple way to keep track of everything regarding your pet. They provide all the information we need to finish your screening and approve your pets. Sign up is $20 for the first pet and $15/additional pet. Make sure to use our link below to register your pet for efficient application processing. 


No smoking of any kind is ever allowed inside any Family Owned Property Management, LLC home or business. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, vapors, bongs, pipes, etc. Tenants who violate our NO SMOKING policy will be liable for any costs associated with smoke remediation including but not limited to: primer, paint, floor coverings, popcorn ceiling removal, and HVAC duct cleaning. 

HVAC Air Filters

All of our tenants are required to change their HVAC filters every 30 days. This is to ensure quality and longevity of all our systems. If at any point an HVAC issue arises and the technician finds an unchanged filter the service call can be billed to the Tenant for unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment. If any unchanged filter is found during a routine inspection, we will begin filter services and tenant will be billed monthly for a technician to replace the filter as required. 

Quarterly Inspections

We perform quarterly inspections on all our properties. This is to ensure our clients that their homes are being cared for and make them aware of any preventative maintenance needed for the property. Making quarterly visits to the home helps us to recognize issues when they're small and find more cost effective solutions. This also prevents our tenants from inadvertently not catching something and being charged for damage due to an unreported maintenance issue. Additionally, we check for tenant damage-if we find damage you will be provided a 14 day notice to repair the damage and schedule a re-inspection. If repairs are not made or arranged within the 14 days we will charge you and make all necessary repairs at tenant's expense. Payment is due within 14 days or eviction proceedings are filed for breach of lease. 

Lease Term Violations

Any time you are found in violation of your lease term you will receive a notification giving you a right to remedy the issue which, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF RENT PAYMENTS, is typically 14 days . If you have not come into compliance of your lease terms within the advised time limit on your notice we reserve the right to immediately file for evictions. If the violation involves repairs or maintenance issues, to protect the integrity of the property we will take necessary steps to remedy the violation and your account will be charged. Making necessary repairs or maintenance does not remove our right to evict for breach of your lease. Any similar violations subsequent to the initial notice will constitute breach and notice will have been deemed served as of the first notice subjecting you to immediate eviction proceedings. 

Yard Maintenance

Unless stipulated in the lease, all of our properties' yards are to be maintained solely by the tenant. It is the tenant's responsibility to mow, edge, and blow the entire yard on a regular basis and to conform for HOA rules where applicable. Furthermore, each tenant is required to regularly prune trees, trim bushes, weed flower beds, and maintain ground covering such as mulch or pine straw. Tenants are required to maintain weeds in the grass. We suggest weed/feed in the spring and fall. 

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