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Vacation Home Management Summerville

#1 Vacation Home Management in Summerville

Family Owned Property Management is South Carolina's premier full-service property management agency. We provide comprehensive services and real estate-related services such as rentals, sales, vacation homes, and more. Our experienced team works hard to ensure that your vacation home or rental property is managed in the best possible way, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what matters most: enjoying your time away!

Why Choose Us For Vacation Home Management in Summerville?

At Family Owned Property Management, we strive to provide high-quality service by taking a proactive approach toward maintenance and inspections, keeping tenants happy, and providing them with all of their needs in a timely manner. We understand the many different factors involved in managing vacation homes or rental properties and have access to the latest technology to ensure that our clients are kept up to date with any changes or concerns regarding their properties. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff provides prompt communication and excellent customer service.

Questions You May Have About Outsourcing Property Management To A Professional

Q1: What type of services does Family Owned Property Management offer?

A1: Family Owned Property Management offers comprehensive services for those looking for assistance with managing a vacation home or rental property in Summerville. Services include tenant screening, lease agreements, rent collection, maintenance coordination and repairs, inspection coordination, marketing of vacant units through digital media platforms, lease renewals/terminations, and more.

Q2: How do I know if my property is fit for rental?

A2: Before beginning to rent out any type of property, it is important to first check local zoning laws as well as code regulations in order to determine if renting out is allowed. In addition, it is also important to consider other factors such as the condition of the property itself (inside/out), building restrictions due to age/condition, insurance requirements, etc. Once all regulations have been cleared, it will be determined whether or not your property can be rented out safely.

Q3: What should I look for when choosing a professional property manager?

A3: When selecting a professional property manager, it is important to take into consideration experience levels as well as expertise in both areas you need help with – vacation home management or rental properties management - which may differ from company to company. Additionally, credentials & licenses should be verified prior to signing any contracts. Lastly, it's always beneficial that the chosen professional candidate has an understanding & familiarity with local housing regulations, which could impact their ability to manage the desired project effectively & efficiently.

Q4: What kind of marketing do you offer?

A4: At Family Owned Property Management, we utilize both traditional print methods, such as mailouts (flyers, postcards, etc. ), as well as digital strategies, i.e., Facebook Ads, Google Adwords & much more. We work closely with our clients, so they are able to get maximum exposure while adhering to budget requirements at all times and flexibility while developing suitable campaign structures according to client objectives & goals.

Q5: Do you guarantee results?

A5: While no one can guarantee results, what we can guarantee is that we will use all resources necessary, customizing solutions specifically tailored for each individual client situation taking into account their needs, desired outcomes & available budgets. Moreover, our team also carefully monitors progress throughout the entire project, including regular follow-ups post-completion period ensuring total satisfaction from start to finish.

In Summary:

  • Family Owned Property Management offers comprehensive services ranging from tenant screening & inspections to marketing solutions & maintenance coordination ensuring complete peace of mind while going on vacations away from home.

  • When choosing a professional candidate interested in working on vacation homes or rental properties, it's essential to verify credentials/licenses along with research specifics on particular area housing regulations which could factor into important decisions made about projects delegated to future clients.

  • We offer both traditional print methods (flyers, postcards, etc.) along with modern digital strategies such as Facebook Ads/Adwords aimed at reaching a wider audience and creating awareness; the brand encourages potential buyers/renters to get in touch with us to discuss further options.

Summertime's around the corner – why not make sure your home is being taken care of properly, leaving owners to remain worry-free without having to manage daily operations themselves? Let us handle everything at Family Owned Property Management, South Carolina's # 1 Vacation Home Management Summerville Company, offering unbeatable rates industry leading professionals; contact us now and discover why we're the number choice, Summerville!

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